How to pray for someone

How to pray for someone

Praying for someone feels like it’s something that should be easy, but often it can be harder than praying for yourself.

Here are some tips on how to prayer for someone

  1. Keep your prayer private
  2. Focus on doing good with your prayer
  3. Focus on asking for positive improvements on a specific issue
  4. Don’t rely just on prayer

Let’s look at each of the four steps in turn.

1.      Keep your prayer private

Not everyone believes in the power of prayer, and not everyone will thank you for praying for them, even if it does help them turn things around.

It’s also possible for people to use the phrase “I’ll pray for you” as a passive-aggressive way of indicating that they do not agree with someone’s life choices, and you don’t want to be the person who uses that phrase in that way.

By keeping your prayer private, you remove the risk of putting a strain on your relationship with the other person.

2.      Focus on doing good with your prayer

Surely no one would use prayer in order to wish people harm, but there are positive and negative ways to pray.

For example, if your friend is trapped in a toxic relation you might be tempted to prayer for them to split up, after all isn’t that what you want to happen?

Well, yes and no. Clearly you want your friend to leave the toxic relationship, but they may have to grow before they have the strength and courage to move on.

So you can see why it might be better to focus your prayer on positive changes that will help the person you’re praying for improve the situation they’re in.

3.      Focus on asking for positive improvement on a specific issue

To continue on from our last point, many people offer up prayers that are vague, such as asking for someone’s life to improve.

By pinpointing specific things that need to change in someone’s life, you can help ensure that your prayer will be more powerful

4.      Don’t just rely on prayer

Prayer is powerful, but it is only part of our toolkit as spiritual beings. If you’re praying for a friend or loved one, then although your prayer will help, you should continue to support them however you can.

After all, we can’t understand how the Lord works and how your prayers will be answered – it could be that what you ask for is delivered by the Lord through you.

So don’t just sit back waiting for someone to do everything for you!

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