How to pray so that my prayers are heard

How to pray so that my prayers are heard

Sometimes it can feel like no one is listening to our prayers, even though we know that isn’t true.

But if it feels like your prayers are going unanswered, here are some tips to help you pray more powerfully.

1.      Pray for the right things

Praying to win the lottery? Or to become an overnight success? You’re not alone. But why should the Lord single you out for favour and fortune?

Instead of praying for what you want, pray for what you need instead.

2.      Be humble in your prayers

Prayer isn’t some kind of cosmic ATM machine, where you simply demand what you want and get given it automatically.

You’re asking for something, so make sure you do so politely and humbly. Demanding things from the Almighty is a sure-fire way to ensure your prayers are not heard.

3.      Act with love and compassion, even if you feel your prayers are not heard

Remember Job? There was a guy who had a bad time, and it must have certainly felt like his prayers weren’t being heard.

But he kept his faith in the Lord, and he was rewarded for doing so.

So make sure you act with love and compassion, no matter how bad your situation might feel.

4.      Remember the answer to your prayers may not be obvious

If you’re struggling with poverty, you might envisage the answers to your prayers being something obvious such as winning on the lottery.

But the universe is rarely that straightforward.

The answer to your prayers could be a chance meeting with someone who later introduces to someone who offers you a new job.

If you wait for the obvious answer to your prayer, you could miss out on the opportunities that the Lord is sending your way.

5.      Look to your community for support

If times are tough, you shouldn’t sit around waiting for your prayer to be heard. Instead, turn to your community for support.

You’ll find they are able to offer you love and compassion and even though that might not solve all your problems, it can help you find the strength to carry on.

If part of your troubles is the fact that your lonely or isolated, try to find a new community. Either by joining community groups in your area, or by seeking out online communities and forums where you can talk to likeminded people.

6.      Consider learning new techniques of praying

If it feels like your prayers aren’t being heard, you should consider looking at new ways of praying.

One thing you could try is the 7 Day Prayer Miracle technique, which offers to teach you new and more powerful ways of praying.

Their site is full of stories from people who say that the technique has changed their life, so why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

Summing up: How to pray and be heard

When you’re looking to pray and be heard, it can be tempting to get frustrated or angry and the universe.

Just remember that we can never know the Lord’s plan for us, and that the answer to our prayers may come in a form that we hadn’t previously imagined.

Stay hopeful and faithful, and consider trying a technique like 7 Day Prayer Miracle if you feel it will be of benefit to you.

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