Prayer for a broken heart

Prayer for a broken heart

Need a prayer for a broken heart? We feel you. Heartbreak is something that happens to everyone in their life at some point.

Heartbreak can feel like the end of the world, and the healing process can take time and energy.

Sometimes, it might feel like you don’t have time and energy to give.

That’s where our prayer for a broken heart can help.

We’ll look at some ways you can pray more effectively when dealing with a broken heart, and offer up a prayer for a broken heart that should help you stay on the path to recovery.

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Things your prayer for a broken heart should include

  1. A request for healing
  2. A request that you love and are loved
  3. A request for strength
  4. A request for patience
  5. A request for growth
  6. A request to see new paths and possibilities

Let’s look at these items in turn.

1.      A request for healing

A broken heart hurts as much, if not more than, a physical injury. Depending on the nature of your heartbreak, it can take months or even years to heal.

Prayer isn’t a shortcut to bring you instantly back to full emotional health immediately, but praying when you’re heartbroken can help ensure you travel the right path.

So make sure that you include a request for healing whenever you pray for help dealing with a broken heart.

2.      A request that you love and are loved

Heartbreak usually involves the loss of a loved one in some form or another. That can lead us to feeling like we aren’t loved at all, and that we love no one – even if neither of these things are true.

By including in your prayer for a broken heart a request that you love and are loved, you will remind yourself that these things are true.

And, who knows it what way your prayer will be answered?

3.      A request for strength

Getting through a period of heartbreak isn’t easy. It can grind you down emotionally, and that can have a physical impact on you.

By praying for strength at this difficult time, you’ll help ensure that you have the endurance to see things through to a time when you feel happy and healthier.

4.      A request for patience

You can’t know how or when your prayer for a broken heart will be answered, but you do know that it will be heard and understood.

Because of this, it’s important you include a request for patience in your prayer for a broken heart, because patience will help you cope, even if sometimes it feels like you can’t cope.

5.      A request for growth

Heartbreak can often mark the end of one period of our life and the start of another. SO while you’re praying for relief from the stresses and strains of heartbreak, you should also make sure that you embrace this new start and ask that this turbulent period in your life help you to grow and chance into the person you have always wanted to be.

6.      A request for the wisdom needed to see new paths and new possibilities

The growth we’ve just talked about can take many forms, but often it’s not possible to see what these forms are, especially if our feelings are crowded by the negative emotions that heartbreak brings with it.

So make sure you ask for the wisdom require to see new paths and new possibilities in whatever form they may present themselves to you.

Prayer for a broken heart

Dear Lord,

You can see my pain, you can feel my pain.

Please help me heal from this heartbreak.

I feel your love in me, as I know you feel my love in you.

Please help me to remember all those who love me, all those I love, and all the loves there are to come.

You know I am weak, just as I know you are strong.

Please grant me the strength I need.

Please grant me the patience I need.

Please grant me the wisdom to know that I can grow, even when I feel that I can’t.

And please grant me the wisdom to see the paths and possibilities your love, and the love of those around me, will make possible both now and in the years to come.


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