Prayer for a job

Prayer for a job

If you’re out of work, or perhaps stuck in a job that isn’t good for you, then you may find yourself praying for a new job.

The right job is a key part of your overall spiritual health and happiness.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the form of prayer when you’re searching for a new job.

But don’t make the mistake of hanging all your hopes on one job – remember that the Lord’s plan is not always easy for us to understand, so you may need to be patient.

Here are some tips to help you develop your own prayer for a job.

Tips on praying for a job

  1. Don’t focus on a specific job
  2. Pray for guidance on to the right career path
  3. Pray for the wisdom to see the right opportunities for you
  4. Do not pray selfishly
  5. Be prepared to take action

1 Don’t focus on a specific job

Sure, if you have a job interview coming up then you can prayer for the strength to do well in that. But don’t prayer for one specific job. Why? Because you’ll only become downhearted if getting that job isn’t part of the Lord’s plan for you.

2 Pray for guidance on to the right career path

Because the Lord’s plan can’t be known by us, we can only ask for His guidance when it comes to our future.

By asking for guidance, it’s more likely that you’ll spot the signs and opportunities that will help you find the job that improves your spiritual life.

3 Pray for the wisdom to see the right opportunities for you

Asking for wisdom will make your prayer for a job more powerful, as being granted wisdom will help you identify the opportunities to progress and grow your career.

4 Do not pray selfishly

Prayer is an expression of love, and love should not be selfish. If you’re praying for a job, it may seem that the main focus of your prayer should be you.

But that’s not the only thing you should be thinking about.

A job gives you the chance to provide for the people you love, it can also allow you to help others, and to help spread the spiritual light to others.

So make sure all these things feature in your prayer for a job.

5 Be prepared to take action

Even the best prayer for a job won’t see a new career land in your lap instantly. And if you spend all day sitting at home doing nothing, you won’t get a job no matter how hard or how often you pray.

Prayer works, but we can never fully know how it works.

Make sure you’re prepared to take the action required to seize the new opportunities that prayer will bring into your life.

And remember, you may not always get exactly what you pray for. For example, you may find that your prayer for a new job results in you starting your own business and becoming your own boss (and just think how much good you could do if that happened!).

The spiritual path is long, strange and wonderful. And you need to be ready to accept any of the possibilities it presents to you.

Here’s a simple yet powerful prayer for a job.

Prayer for a job

Dear Lord,

Help me make the most of the person you have made me. Let me use my skills and knowledge in a way that pleases you, and helps the people around me.

Please provide me with new opportunities for learning and growth, and know that the rewards my new job brings will help protect me and my family.

I don’t ask for riches, or fame. Just a job that lets me make the most of who I am.

Show me the path that I must take, and I will walk it.

Show me the work that I must do, and I will do it.

Show me those that need my help, and I will help them.

And grant me the wisdom to know which job will help me spread your glory in the world.


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