Prayer for happiness

Prayer for happiness

Here are just a few short prayers to help bring you happiness. But remember, no one can be completely happy all of the time. True happiness comes from recognising and cherishing the good times, while understanding that the bad times are part of the Lord’s plan and will pass.

Prayer for happiness

Dear Lord,

Please use your wisdom to guide me on to the path of happiness,

Help me to understand the things that will bring me joy,

Help me learn how I can bring these joyful things into my life,

Help me recognise and cherish joy when it is upon me,

And help me appreciate memories of joyous moments past,

So that I can feel joy even in times that are less happy,

Let me bring happiness to others as they bring happiness to me,

Let us love one another, as we love you our Lord,

Let us marvel in the joy of this world that you have created,

And let us use this gift of life to spread happiness and joy.


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Prayer for peace and happiness

Dear Lord,

Let there be peace in my life and peace for those around me,

Let there be peace in all the lands you have created,

Give me and those I love the strength to bring peace where we can,

And with that peace let happiness spread, just as you spread love,

For I know that only with your guidance and wisdom, peace and happiness are possible,

And I know that with your love I am stronger, happier and more peaceful,

Let me help others share in that love, peace, and happiness,

Let me do your work, you the bringer of happiness and peace.


Prayer for love and happiness

Dear Lord,

Love and happiness are the greatest things you have created,

Please let your wisdom guide me on the path to love and happiness,

And help me bring love and happiness to those who I meet on my path through live,

For love and happiness are nothing if they are not shared,

Let me experience the love and happiness of everyday things,

Let me experience the love and happiness at the heart of your creation,

Let me cherish the memory of the love and happiness I have already known,

For I know there that more love and more happiness will come into my life.


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