Prayer for stress

Prayer for stress

Stress can hit anyone at any time. To make matters worse stress can creep up on us and we don’t realize that we’re mega stressed until it’s too late.

Prayer can help with stress, both directly and in ways we can’t fully understand. Just taking time out of your day for quiet prayer and reflection can help relieve stress.

And remember that if you are suffering from stress, it can be help to talk to friends and family, and seek out the help of a medical professional if required.

Prayer works in ways we can’t understand, which means it can work through the actions and words of people around us.

So don’t sit around waiting for your stress to just disappear. Take action!

Okay, here’s our prayer for stress:

Dear Lord,

Your world is busy, and full of challenges for me and those around me,

I understand that everything is part of your plan, but I need help to find a peaceful oasis of calm,

Please help me escape from stress and find calm in your love, and the love of those around me,

I know that you can help me carry my troubles, and can carry them better than I can,

Let me see the joy in your creation, even as I go through the unavoidable stress of everyday life,

And let me bring love and peace to those who are stress around me,

Just as I would hope they bring love and peace to me.


Dealing with stress as a spiritual person

Although it’s true that some very lucky people never have to deal with any stress in their life, most of us encounter it on a regular basis.

Being a spiritual person means that you’re better prepared to deal with stress than the average person, because you already know how important it is to take care of your spiritual wellbeing.

But sometimes, we as spiritual people can think we’re immune from stress. This is not the case!

Take time out of your day to appreciate the stress your under, and where it’s coming from.

Once you’ve done that, you’re in a good position to start combatting stress in whatever way works for you.

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