Praying for better days

Praying for better days

Praying for better days is something we all do, but often these kinds of prayer can be unfocussed.

A lack of focus in your prayers can mean that your prayer isn’t as effective as it might be.

Here’s some advice to help you when praying for better days:

  1. Think of who you are praying to
  2. Pinpoint the improvements you’d like to see
  3. Include others in your prayers for better days
  4. Pray for patience as well
  5. Prayer for strength as well
  6. Pray for knowledge as well
  7. Pray for wisdom as well
  8. Don’t pray passively

Let’s look at each point in turn.

1 Think of who you’re praying to

Often, when we let our prayers become unfocussed we also lose sight of who we’re praying to. As you start your prayer, it may be helpful to visualize who you’re praying to. This doesn’t have to mean picturing a person, or even a thing.

But by holding this image in your head, you’ll find your prayers come into focus.

2 Pinpoint the improvements you’d like to see

Often when praying for better days, our prayers turn into vague wishes for things to improve. Focus your prayers on specific issues that are troubling you and those you love.

3 Include others in your prayers for better days

Prayer is about love, and although it can be tempting to make yourself the focus of all your prayers, love is more powerful if it shared.

So focus on other people who you know need help in their life as well.

4 Pray for patience as well

When you pray for better days, are you expecting to wake up tomorrow with all your problems (and all the world’s problems) solved? If you know about faith, you should know that this isn’t how prayer works.

So make sure that you pray for the patience to wait for better days to arrive.

5 Pray for strength as well

If you’re praying for better days, then the chances are that times are tough. Praying for the extra strength needed to see you through hard time is another way to ensure you have what it takes to see it through to the better days you know are coming.

6 Pray for knowledge as well

We’ve already touched on the idea that prayer, as powerful as it is, doesn’t work like a magic wand. It can’t be waved just once to chase all your troubles away. By adding a request for knowledge into your prayer for better days, you’ll make sure you’re equipped to help fight off the bad times and usher in the good times.

7 Pray for wisdom as well

Wisdom is not the same thing as knowledge. For example, a knowledgeable person may know that if it rains on a day out they’ll get wet, but wisdom is knowing to check the weather forecast to find out if you need to take an umbrella that day.

Wisdom will help guide you toward the right way to improve your life.

8 Don’t pray passively

You know that prayer doesn’t act like a magic wand, so why are you sitting around like it does? Look for signs, look for opportunities, and when you see them, take them! The path to better times may not be obvious at first, so make sure you take action when action is needed.

A prayer for better days

Dear Lord,

Times are hard right now and I’m not ashamed to admit I need help. My friends and family need help too. When times are hard, we turn to you. I know better days are coming, but I need your help to find those better days. I need the patience and strength your love brings me to help me find those better days. I need knowledge and wisdom to find the path to those better days. I can feel your love in me, and I know you will carry me until I find what I am looking for.


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